uRPF – lesson learned (again!)

I am a huge fan of securing user facing interfaces. With a few knobs some attacks and mis-configurations are avoided. I like configuring an SVI like this: interface Vlan12 description Users ip address no ip redirects no ip proxy-arp ip verify unicast source reachable-via rx ICMP Redirects I like to disable sending ICMP redirects. This might cause a sub-optimal forwarding of packets, but I like the idea that my router which is the clients default gateway does the forwarding.

FlexVPN with AnyConnect-EAP using ISE and ZBFW

So you might have stumbled upon the FlexVPN: AnyConnect IKEv2 Remote Access with AnyConnect-EAP  configuration guide which works OK for local user authentication and authorization. But if you try to follow the guide on how to configure authentication and authorization with a AAA server, it will not work! This post addresses the configuration of using AnyConnect IKEv2 for a IOS headend using ISE as AAA server for authentication and authorization.