Campus Segmentation and Beyond

Security is top of mind for most companies today. And for good reasons. Every day new major security incidents hit both the private and public sectors. We’re no longer dealing with curious geeks, script kiddies, and smaller groups of cyber criminals. Hacking used to be a niche thing. Today state-sponsored hackers are a reality. Although you cannot guarantee protection from these malicious events, you can try to limit the risk and possibility of their success.

uRPF – lesson learned (again!)

I am a huge fan of securing user facing interfaces. With a few knobs some attacks and mis-configurations are avoided. I like configuring an SVI like this: interface Vlan12 description Users ip address no ip redirects no ip proxy-arp ip verify unicast source reachable-via rx ICMP Redirects I like to disable sending ICMP redirects. This might cause a sub-optimal forwarding of packets, but I like the idea that my router which is the clients default gateway does the forwarding.

FlexVPN with AnyConnect-EAP using ISE and ZBFW

So you might have stumbled upon the FlexVPN: AnyConnect IKEv2 Remote Access with AnyConnect-EAP  configuration guide which works OK for local user authentication and authorization. But if you try to follow the guide on how to configure authentication and authorization with a AAA server, it will not work! This post addresses the configuration of using AnyConnect IKEv2 for a IOS headend using ISE as AAA server for authentication and authorization.