Network Design - What it's all about

It has become imperative to prioritize network design as part of a solid business strategy. This post zooms in on the workings of network design and what it’s all about. The goal is to broaden stakeholder’s perspective on the elements that are in play with network design. Network Design - Why Taking control of the network in a responsible way to keep things relevant and on track in accordance to the business requirements is key to being successful when it comes to network design.

Classical Enterprise LAN Design - Part II

This post delves into the pros and cons of another classical enterprise LAN design. Focus is on detailing why you might choose such a design and the workings of it. A few optimizations are shown, too. For Part I check out Classical Enterprise LAN Design - Part I Topology Below topology is the starting point. Some choices have been taken as described in the green boxes. SW1 and SW2 are distribution switches that mark the demarcation between L2/L3 from access to the rest of the network (core).

Classical Enterprise LAN Design - Part I

Many enterprises still have what is considered a classical network. This post deals with one such design. Focus is on highlighting the reasons why a network is built this way and reveal its shortcomings. Lastly some suggestions on how to optimize the logical design are shown. Topology Below topology is the starting point. Some choices have been taken as described in the green boxes. SW1 and SW2 function as the boundary between L2 and L3.

IP Addressing and Segmentation for Enterprises

This post touches upon various approaches of designing an IP addressing plan for an enterprise network. It will also deal with segmentation in general, because IP addressing and segmentation are dependent on each other. IP Addressing A typical enterprise network consists of multiple sites of varying sizes that might span a wide geographical area - even international and/or inter-continental. A such we have different areas of network types that needs IP addresses.

Practice Documentation

Introduction We all know how daunting it can be to create and maintain documentation. Yet, when it is missing, we get frustrated. There is a standing joke regarding documentation: Documentation is like sex. When it's good, it's very good. When it's bad, it's still better than nothing. Nevertheless I believe we can all agree that documentation is a requirement for any system. Having good up to date documentation provides the following benefits: